Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System

Date Type
Case Origin
  1. The period for this query is from 2019/12/29-2020/06/06
  2. Data as of 2020/5/31 4:51 AM , Current Week is Week 23/2020, Current Month is Month 5/2020
  3. Do not offer geographical distribution at township level for cases of HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and leprosy.
  4. The results of queries are generated automatically. Data may be subject to change without prior notice.
  5. Since August 1, 2014, "Complicated Influenza" has been renamed as "Severe Complicated Influenza". The case definition for "Severe Complicated Influenza" has also been changed since then. Only cases of influenza with complications and have been admitted to ICU or died are required to be reported.
Region Cases
Taipei City70
Taichung City35
Tainan City40
Kaohsiung City28
Keelung City2
Hsinchu City9
Chiayi City4
New Taipei City115
Taoyuan City52
Hsinchu County11
Yilan County12
Miaoli County21
Changhua County26
Nantou County5
Yunlin County9
Chiayi County6
Pingtung County20
Penghu County1
Hualien County11
Taitung County4
Kinmen County2
Lienchiang County0
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