Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System

Date Type
Case Origin
Statistics for Malaria , Nationwide , Indigenous and Imported , by Date of Onset
Onset Date of Most Recent Case 2020/1/19
week 27/2020 (Cumulative Cases of Previous Week )0
week 28/2020 (Cumulative Cases of Current Week )0
Month 07/2020 (Cumulative Cases of Current Month )0
Year 2020 (Cumulative Cases of Current Year )1
Year 2019(Last Year )7
(Previous Week) - (Average of Previous 3 Weeks) (Number of Cases )0.00
(Previous Week) - (Average of The Same Period During The Previous 3 Years) (Number of Cases )0.00
Cumulative Deaths of Current Year 0
  1. The period for this query is from 2018/12/30 to 2020/07/11
  2. Data as of 2020/7/9 5:44 AM , Current Week is Week 28/2020, Current Month is Month 7/2020
  3. Taiwan has been certified malaria-free by the World Health Organization since 1965. The numbers of cases shown in the tables and figures is for imported malaria cases only. The indigenous cases in 2001 is a relapsed case who contracted Malaria initially in 1945 in the Sansia township . The indigenous cases in 2003 are two cases of introduced infection.
  4. The results of queries are generated automatically. Data may be subject to change without prior notice.
  5. The cumulative annual number of cases is calculated according to year of onset.
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