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Statistics for Acute Hepatitis B, Nationwide, Indigenous and ImportedDate of Onset

Onset Date of Most Recent Case 2022/05/15
Week 19/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Previous Week) 1
Week 20/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Week) 1
Month 05/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Month) 3
Year 2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Year) 38
Year 2021(Last Year) 144
(Previous Week) - (Average of Previous 3 Weeks) (Number of Cases) ▽0.33
(Previous Week) - (Average of The Same Period During The Previous 3 Years) (Number of Cases) ▽1
Cumulative Deaths of Current Year 0
  1. The period for this query is from 2021/01/03 to 2022/05/21
  2. Data as of 2022/05/21 02:54 PM,Current Weekis Week 20/2022,Current Monthis Month 5/2022。
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  4. The cumulative annual number of cases is calculated according to year of onset.