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Statistics for Severe Complicated Influenza, Nationwide, Indigenous and ImportedDate of Onset

Onset Date of Most Recent Case 2022/11/21
Week 47/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Previous Week) 1
Week 48/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Week) 0
Month 12/2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Month) 9
Year 2022 (Cumulative Cases of Current Year) 11
Year 2021(Last Year) 1
(Previous Week) - (Average of Previous 3 Weeks) (Number of Cases) ▽2
(Previous Week) - (Average of The Same Period During The Previous 3 Years) (Number of Cases) ▽8
Cumulative Deaths of Current Year 3
  1. The period for this query is from 2021/01/03 to 2022/12/03
  2. Data as of 每日中午,Current Weekis Week 48/2022,Current Monthis Month 12/2022。
  3. The results of queries are generated automatically. Data may be subject to change without prior notice.
  4. The cumulative annual number of cases is calculated according to year of onset.
  5. Since August 1, 2014, "Complicated Influenza" has been renamed as "Severe Complicated Influenza". The case definition for "Severe Complicated Influenza" has also been changed since then. Only cases of influenza with complications and have been admitted to ICU or died are required to be reported.